When engaging in any investment and transaction involving real estate in Greece, it is of outmost importance that both parties involved in the transaction ensure that certain safeguards have been met. We successfully represent the seller or the purchaser and we handle the whole procedure of property sale or purchase, from the beginning through the end.

Whether you are the current owner of a Greek property, wishing to sell and liquidize it, or an investor/buyer interested in acquiring real property, our office can protect your interests and take all necessary steps towards ensuring that the transfer of property is completed in the most cost-efficient and professional manner.

For the purchaser, before proceeding in the conclusion and execution of the purchase contract, we provide due diligence investigation on the ownership title and its current legal status. This includes the chain of transfers of the ownership rights and the confirmation that the appeared seller is truly the legal owner of the immovable property and everything is in order.

If you are not able to be physically present in Greece, we can successfully represent you throughout the whole procedure. We perform all required proceduresand we can sign on behalf of you.

We advise and guide both individual and corporate clients on sale-purchase agreements, acquisition of property by non-residents, property review, negotiation and drafting. We successfully represent our clients on the conclusion of sale-purchase agreements, construction agreements and rental agreements.

The sooner we act on your best interest, the better results for you.

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